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Bath & Body

Bliss Aromatherapy Rollerball


Bliss Aromatherapy Rollerball


Bliss (noun); a state of perfect happiness; great joy.

Directions: It is recommended to shake your roll-on before using, to assure the oils are properly blended for application. Oils can be applied directly to the wrists, neck, temples, base of the skull, or bottom of the feet. Please note, that while these do have an amazing aroma, they are not perfumes and will absorb into the skin over the course of a few hours. If you are wanting the scent to last longer, simply apply the roller to your clothing, such as the inside of your sleeve. Since ingredients are completely oil based, it can potentially leave a stain on fabric, so please be mindful of where you apply if using on clothing.


This listing is for one 10 ml aromatherapy roller. Your product(s) will come in an eco-friendly, recyclable, glass rollerball with a screw on cap.


Ingredients: sweet almond oil *, patchouli essential oil *, grapefruit essential oil *, ylang ylang essential oil *

* certified organic


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