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Cleanse Yoga Mat Spray

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Photo Oct 25, 10 53 52 AM.jpg

Cleanse Yoga Mat Spray


Embrace an artisanal-crafted yoga mat spray that has been made with intention and un-compromised quality botanical ingredients. Shake bottle before use as ingredients will naturally separate. Apply to yoga mat after practice and wipe with a dry towel or cloth. The spray may also be used to create an energizing and soothing environment before, during, and after your practice.

Benefits: Not only does this spray have aromatherapeutic benefits, it is also a powerful disinfectant for your mat. When sweating, we release toxins. While they may leave our bodies in our yoga practice, they will remain on our mats so it is important to cleanse it regularly after use.



This listing is for one 4 ounce bottle of Cleanse Yoga Mat Spray. Your product(s) will come in an eco-friendly, recyclable, glass bottle.


Ingredients: distilled water, witch hazel extract *, lemon essential oil *, grapefruit essential oil *, & lavender essential oil *, radish root ferment (natural preservative)

* certified organic

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